Rain – 2Min [Part 5]

“Taemin? Taemin-ah, can you hear me?”

The familiar voice reached me in my floating darkness. I groaned. The pain was everywhere, but my back seemed to be worst. I didn’t want to answer – I was too afraid that it would hurt to open my mouth.

“Taemin, please answer me!”

Oh screw that. When he was pleading like this, I couldn’t resist.

I tried to open my eyes, but the simple action shot a lightning of fire though my head. I groaned in pain. Smooth fingers touched my face, stroking my chin to calm me down. I didn’t realize I was crying until Minho wiped away my tears.

“Hush, Minnie, it’s okay now… You’re safe” He mumbled, and I felt his breath on my skin. I tried to relax, but it was hard. My back hurt like hell, and my ankle seemed to be twisted. It felt like that, anyway.

“M-Minho-hyung…” I finally managed to say, but it came out as a gasp. I coughed, my lungs hurt for some weird reason.

“Oh god Taemin! I was so worried over you! Here, take this and don’t talk too much, okay?”

I felt how something warm was laid over me, and I sighed in relief. Was I freezing? I hadn’t noticed that.

“O-okay…” I whispered, and again I felt how something stroked my cheek.

“How to get you home now…?” I heard Minho mumble. Then suddenly, I felt his strong, warm arms underneath me. I almost opened my eyes in shock.

“M-Minho-ah… What are you…?”

“I’m carrying you home, it’s not that far”

I was pressed against his scarred chest, and I slowly started to relax a bit in his arms.

And then realized he didn’t have a shirt on.

My face was pressed against his bare skin, and I felt how it heated up at this. Oh god… I realized too, that it was his shirt that he had laid over me before and it was that piece of cloth that I now clutched in my arms. I was even more embarrassed at this. First, he was carrying me. Then, he was carrying me SHIRTLESS. But, I guess that it was only me being a perv after all. We were both boys, right? So it shouldn’t be such a big deal… But it was, for me atleast. Why was I thinking these strange thoughts anyway? Well… He was hot indeed… But I shouldn’t b-

“How are you feeling, Taemin?”

When Minho suddenly spoke, I was woken up from my dirty thoughts. I tried to open my eyes again, this time it went a bit better. I looked at him with half-closed eyes.

“A bit… Better” I croaked out, my voice sounding terribly. I pouted at this – usually my voice was smooth, and now… Sigh.

Minho chuckled at this it seemed, and I guess I must’ve looked kind of hilarious.

“Good… You’re really cute when you do that” he replied. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“You think so?” Another croak, another chuckle.


After that, he walked in silence, and I guessed he became a bit tired after all. Was I really that heavy? Sigh again.

“Well, we’re at your place now” Minho said a short while after that. I opened my eyes again – now I realized I had got a hit in my head, and that was why it hurt, but I was also very tired. I could see my door, and I reached out for the key I had in my pocket. I gave it to Minho, who unlocked the door with one hand – I was amazed at this – and we went in. Minho gently put me down in the sofa, and I thankfully leaned back against the pillows. I peeked at him through my eyelashes. He was on his way to the kitchen, and I got to lock at his back. I could only describe it with one word – sexy. Muscular, well-build, the perfect proportions… I caught myself thinking these thoughts, and closed my eyes again before I could continue watching his movements.

I heard steps as he came out from the kitchen again.

“Here, Minnie, I made some tea for you…” he said, his voice gentle and caring. I smiled at him, looking at him again with half closed eyes, taking the cup from him.

“This… it’s almost like… two days ago” I croaked out, taking a sip from the tea. Minho nodded, smiling.

“Yeah… But now I’m the one taking care of you”

“That is… nice” I sighed happily. The hot tea felt good for my throat, and I took another sip. I started to warm up too.

“Taemin… What happened? I found you lying on the ground, with that man going to hit you… Who was he?” Minho asked suddenly, in a very serious tone. I sighed – now I could, I already felt better except for my back and my ankle.

“He followed me on my way home from school and tried to rob me” I answered, looking at the hot tea cup in my hands. I hadn’t noticed they were trembling. I felt Minhos eyes on me, and I looked back on him, trying to smile.

“Thank you for saving me, Minho-ah”

He seemed to blush a bit. Then, he carefully hugged me, wrapping his arms around my think frame, holding me closely but was careful not to hurt me.

“No problem… I owed you one”


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