You’re so beautiful to me [Chapter 1]

Friday night. Finally, some rest.

I sat down in the leather couch, closing my eyes and relaxed my tense body. The week had been stressful, but now we at least got some time to relax on before starting our schedule again.

I and the rest of Bigbang were spending the evening at our apartment. G-Dragon were sitting at his desk, obviously trying to make the impression of that he was writing a new song, but his head was resting against the papers in front of him, and he was staring blankly out in nowhere. Taeyang and Daesung was staring at some random show on the television, the sound low, and they didn’t even seemed to know what was going on in the show. And lastly, Seungri wa-


“Oh for the love of God, Seungri, TURN THAT SHIT OFF!”

“Sorry, hyung… it wasn’t my fault, I just incidentally clicked the link” the youngest of our group muttered when Daesung burst out at him. I chuckled a bit. Rebecca Black had apparently woken up Jiyong, because he suddenly jerked his head up, looking confused.

“Hey, hey… What did I miss?” he asked sleepily. He looked adorable, even like this, with eyes hazy from sleep and messy hair and everything. I would always think he looked stunning.

Jiyong turned his attention toward me, was no one else was answering.

“Hyung, did I miss anything?”

“Nothing important really… Shouldn’t you go to sleep?” I answered with a small smile. He just yawned.

“Nah, not yet…  I wanna stay awake a bit longer… It’s so nice… Having free time…” Jiyong yawned once more and his head dropped onto the desk, and in a second he was asleep again. Daesung jumped a bit at the thud, and Seungri looked up from his computer, looking for the source of the sound. Both of them smiled at the sight of the leader sleeping on the desk. Taeyang yawned too.

“Well, I’m going to sleep now… This show is boring, and I need to look good tomorrow” He said, smiling a bit before walking out from the room with a “Good night!”. Daesung turned off the TV and then rose from his seat.

“I guess I’m going too…”

“Yeah, me too… Can you take Jiyong-hyung to his room, please Seunghyun-hyung?” Both the maknae and Daesung looked at me, pleading with their eyes, and I sighed. Then, I rose from the couch too.

“Okay, I’ll do it… Go to sleep you two” I said, smiling at them. They thanked me and then walked to their rooms, yawning. I sighed softly and went over to Jiyong.

“Jiyong-ah, time to go to bed…” I whispered while shaking him gently. Jiyong just turned away.

“Just five more minutes, hyung…” he mumbled, shutting his eyes tightly in his sleep and clutching his hand around the pen tightly. He was just adorable with that pouty face. Or well, he was always adorable. But oh, those puffy cheeks! I just wanted to touch them, and so I had done when he was awake and he made them. Jiyong didn’t appreciate it though.

“No, now… You’ll get to sleep when you’re in your bed, okay?” I tried again. The younger sighed heavily before groaning and lifting his head up, nudging his eyes to rub out the sleep from them. When I looked at him though, those orbs were still hazed. So cute.

“Okay, okay…”

“Come on, I’ll help you”

I reached out for and took Jiyong’s hand, dragging him onto his feet. He swayed though, so I put my arm around his shoulder to help him. We made our way into his room, and Jiyong almost fell into his bed, still fully clothed.

“Thank you, hyung” He yawned again, covering his mouth with his hand.

“No thank you needed, Jiyongie… Go to sleep now” I whispered while ruffling his blonde hair. Just before I was going to leave the room, I heard a muffled voice from the bed.

“Don’t go…” Jiyong mumbled behind me. I turned around slowly, looking at my half asleep best friend. According to his face, he wasn’t asleep, but not fully awake, so I didn’t know what to do. Jiyong seemed to wait for something though, so I carefully sat down on his bed. Because I knew I’d be too tired to change, I had already changed into my pajamas before sitting down on the couch. Jiyong hadn’t though, but it didn’t matter.

The blonde boy looked at me though hazy eyes, before shutting them and going off to sleep. I realized how tired I was, when I watched his peaceful sleeping face.

I sighed and lay down beside the most beautiful person in the world.


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