You’re so beautiful to me [Chapter 2]

“Thank you all so much!”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

I bowed to the fans, smiling and waving. At my left side I briefly saw Jiyong jump around also smiling and waving to the excited crowd.

We had just finished our performance and we were all sweaty and tired, but we all grinned happily when we walked in the corridors backstage, heading for our changing room. I glanced at the other members. Daesung – smiling his trademark smile at no one special. Taeyang – shirtless, as he had thrown his shirt to the audience. Seungri – grinning like a maniac. And lastly… Jiyong – telling everyone how we had rocked the stage, and sighing continuously. I guess that he felt relived. So did I.

After a couple of stressful weeks full of planning and practicing, the concert was done and over and we had time to relax again. Not that we didn’t like singing, but it got hectic after a while, and we were only human after all. I already felt how I started to relax, knowing that we had at least two weeks of holiday until it was time for work again. Loads of time to whatever we felt like, and it felt great. Smiling, I turned to Taeyang for a high five.

“We did great, right hyung?” He said, grinning back at me and wiping his face with a towel.

“We sure did… But why did you have to take your shirt off?”

Hi shrugged. “Felt like it. And the fans likes such things” I chuckled a bit.

“They really do”

We reached our destination – the small room where we were going to change from stage clothes to some more normal ones, get our appearance fixed, stuff like that. I sat down with a sigh in the couch stretching my arms.

Suddenly, Jiyong sat down beside me. I looked at him, surprised. He yawned and looked at me with a smile.

“Nice work hyung” He gently patted my arm, causing my heart to skip a beat and my face to flush the slightest bit – which was very unusual. I quickly looked away, noticing the leader’s weird look at me.

“Y-you too, Jiyong” I said hastily, giving a small smile in the leaders direction. He returned it and leaned against my shoulder. Of course, that made my heart ship another beat, and then speed up slightly.

“Aish, I’m so tired…” Jiyong sighed out and closed his eyes. His breathing slowed down and his tense body relaxed against mine. For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. I just let him lay there for a few second, just listening to him inhale and exhale. Then, I gently poked him.

“Yah, Jiyongie… Wake up” I whispered. He pouted and shifted himself into a more comfortable position, his body more pressed against mine.

“Just five more minutes, please…”

I sighed. He looked adorable.

“No, we have to go… Don’t fall asleep now, Kwon Leader”

Jiyong finally opened his eyes again, smiling the slightest bit, then muttering under his breath. “Fine then…” he rose from the couch and yawned loudly, then turned around to face me. Suddenly, he dragged me onto my feet.

“Whoa, Jiyong, what are you..?”

He just chuckled.

“If I’m going, you are too” Smiling, he continued to drag me by my hand, out to the car waiting for us outside the arena.

Some fans passing by started to scream and furiously calling people, or taking tons of photos – I guess they went crazy about Jiyong holding my hand, or just that they got to see us in person. In any case, I waved to them with my free hand, and guess what? They screamed and squealed even more. I smiled at this – they were so cute. In my eyecorner I saw Taeyang waving to the fans too.

Jiyong dragged me into the big, black car and shut the door behind us as the other embers already were sitting inside. Daesung looked like he was asleep already, resting against the window. Seungri and Taeyang were chatting quietly but stopped when the car started to move. Jiyong yawned and stretched his arms, accidentally hitting the back of my head as I was leaning forward.

“Ouch! Jiyong-ah, that hurt!”

He immediately apologized.

“I’m sorry hyung, I didn’t mean to” Pouting, he looked at me with those adorable puppy eyes, which he knew I couldn’t resist.

“Yeah, yeah… Whatever”

He smiled again, then he rested his head against my shoulder, earning a blush from me which hopefully no one noticed.

“Hyung… We’re in the car now so can I sleep now, please?”

“Of course you can Jiyongie” I answered, “just don’t drool too much in your sleep, okay?”

Jiyong hit me playfully with a fake expression of hurt on his face.

“Yah! I don’t drool!”

I chuckled at his pouty look.

“How do you know that? Anyway, go to sleep now before I change my mind” Not that I ever would, but…

Jiyong mumbled a thank you and then shut his eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep.

I looked over his head, at the other members. They seemed to be asleep too – Seungri in a similar position as Jiyong, with his head resting on Taeyang’s shoulder. Daesung were still leaning against the window, and Taeyang simply slept where he sat. No witnesses, good.

I slowly leaned down and placed a light peck on the sleeping leader’s forehead.

“Sleep tight, Jiyongie” I whispered before closing my eyes, relaxing, and going to sleep too.

Seungri’s POV

I cracked my eyes open the slightest bit as I heard Jiyong-hyung and Seunghyun-hyung talking. Jiyong had laid his head on Seunghyun’s shoulder, and seemed to slowly going off to sleep. Seunghyun seemed wide awake though. First, I was irritated at them disturbing my sleep, then I started to listen to their conversation instead.

“Yah! I don’t drool!” I heard the leader mutter. Seunghyun chuckled.

“How do you know that?” he answered with his deep voice, “Anyway, go to sleep now before I change my mind”

Jiyong mumbled something that sounded like a “Thank you” and then closed his eyes, relaxing against Seunghyun’s shoulder.

Suddenly, Seunghyun-hyung looked up, and I quickly closed my eyes again, pretending to sleep. I knew hyung wouldn’t have liked if he knew I had overheard them – not that they had talked about something private but anyway. I opened my eyes a millimeter just to check everything was okay. And what I saw totally surprised me.

Seunghyun slowly leaned down to kiss Jiyong’s forehead. The leader just continued sleeping, snuggling a bit closer maybe, smiling in his peaceful rest. Seunghyun also smiled, before leaning back and shutting his eyes. Soon after that, he fell asleep too.

I thought about this for a while – I knew they were close friends and had known each other for a long time, but I had never seen hyung do that before.

I smirked. I would totally tell the other about this tomorrow.


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