You’re so beautiful to me [Chapter 3]

Seunghyun’s POV

“Yah hyung! Wake up! Wakie wakie!”

Someone was poking my arm, hard. I groaned and shut my eyes tighter, clutching on to whatever was in my arms – I figured that it was my banana plushie. The person poked me again.

“Wake uuuuuup!”

I finally opened my eyes and blinked a few times quickly in succession. I was met by the pitch darkness of the inside of our car. It was late at night, but the constant shining lights of Seoul made it almost as bright outside as at day.

I looked at my left, and saw the face of the maknae. Oh. I guess it was him who had been waking me up. And I then looked at what I had thought was my plushie.

Jiyong. Shit.

The leader was pressed at me, just as before, but now with the difference that he was even closer, fully awake and with my arms around him. But he smiled. I, though, felt really embarrassed. Why hadn’t he waked me up when I started to hug him like this?

I immediately let him go, and stammered an excuse.  He laughed.

“It’s nothing hyung, it was quite comfy… But I didn’t knew you were such a hugger” Jiyong smiled at me. I felt even more embarrassed.

“S-stop teasing me, Jiyong-ah! I didn’t mean too!”

“Oh come on, I was just joking Tabi”

I kept mumbling mumble my breath, not realizing that I pouted slightly, and crossed my arms. Jiyong burst out into childish giggle.

“Aigoo, you’re so cute hyung” I stopped pouting directly and looked at the laughing younger boy.

“Not funny…”

“Yes, yes it was!” Jiyong started to poke my cheeks, smiling widely. I saw Taeyang’s and Daesung’s laughing quietly in the background, while Seungri was just smirking oddly. I didn’t think more of this though.

“Don’t do that, Ji” I whined and half-heartily tried to pull away. The leader just continued, before Daesung finally spoke up.

“Nice you two are so cute and so but we need to get out of the car now… I need to sleep, hyungs” He said with a sigh and a small smile. I blushed the slightest bit, grabbed the door handle and stumbled out from the car. My legs were half asleep due to sitting in the same position for many hours. Taeyang luckily caught me by the arm before I fell, holding me upright. My body was stiff, and I was really tired even though I apparently had slept for about two hours. Whoa, only two hours? It felt like a lot more…

We went into our dorm and allowed ourselves to relax in the couches for a moment. The time was about midnight, but none really wanted to be the first one going to sleep again. But, the tiredness took over and the whole band went to their respective rooms to sleep.

I opened the door to my room as quietly as I could, and changed into my pajamas. Snuggling to my pillow, I yawned and drifted off to sleep once more.


“Good morning…” I stretched, yawning, and smiled to the other members of Bigbang already sitting around the kitchen table.

It was a beautiful day – the sun was shining, no clouds to be seen, and the lovely sound of chirping birds everywhere. Someone had opened up the window to the balcony, to let in some air, and the usual sound of cars was already to be heard – not that I actually minded.

I had been slightly woken up by the sunshine in my eyes, and then definitely when I hit the cold floor as I rolled out from my bed. Accidentally of course. The, the scent of pancakes had reached my nose and I had gotten up to follow the tempting odor.

I sat down on the chair closest to me, and reached out for the plate of pancakes that stood around three decimeters away from me. Daesung handed them to me – not that it was necessary but I guess he was in a good mood just as me – and smiled brightly.

“I made the pancakes hyung, I hope you’ll like them” He said cheerily, and I smiled back as I took a bite of the syrup-drenched American pancakes. They tasted heavenly.

“It’s great, Daesung-ah” I managed to say before taking another, bigger, bite of the pancake. Daesung seemed to possibly get even happier.

“Really, you think so? Thank you Seunghyun-hyung!” Smiling his trademark smile, Daesung started to chat a bit with Taeyang who was sitting next to him, and already had eaten his first portion, starting on his second one.

The blonde leader turned to me – he had been so quiet I hadn’t quite noticed him yet, as he was sitting close to the wall half hidden by an open door.

“So, hyung, slept well?” Jiyong asked, stabbing his pancake.

I answered with a smile. “Yes, how about you?”

“Fine I guess… I woke up around three after having an awesome dream, and I had like inspiration to the greatest song ever!” He smiled and chewed on his pancake, swallowed, then took another bite. I took two more as I had eaten up the two first ones, and put on a lot of syrup now as well. Seungri stood up from the table and went out to his room to dress, but Taeyang and Daesung were still at the table.

I smiled at the leader.

“Really? How does it sound? And is it a solo for you or a song for the whole band?”

Jiyong looked down on his food, and mumbled the answer.

“I thought of it as another GD and TOP song really… If you don’t mind of course!” He looked up at me with worried eyes, and I looked back with a huge grin on my face.

“That’s awesome, Ji! I hoped we would do another song but I didn’t know if you wanted to…” Saying this, I patted his shoulder gently, and he smiled back obviously a bit relived.

“Okay, well, I left your parts of the song for you to write but I have a few suggestions and ideas that I hope you’ll like…”

“Sure, sure… Can you show me the song?”

Jiyong bounced up from his seat grinning, earning a few looks from Daesung and Taeyang but they dropped it soon.

“Of course! It’s in my room, come here!” Ji took my hand and dragged me toward his room, still smiling. I did too. It was very nice to hold his hand like this again, being all normal around each other.

We reached his part of the dorm, and I sat down on the messy bed. Jiyong went over to his desk and picked up his lyrics notebook, handing it to me. I flipped through the pages with finished and unfinished songs, some familiar, some not, until I reached the newest one.

The handwriting was a bit messy – he had obviously been tired writing it – but the words were still fully readable. I looked up at my best friend, questioning.

“What is it about?”

“Oh, uhm… It’s about… Love… Loving someone who you don’t know loving you back… Is it too cheesy?” Ji seemed nervous, looking away. “And it’s also about confusion and such… I dunno if you like it though…”

I smiled reassuring at him. “I bet it’s awesome” Then I started reading it.

It was indeed about love and confusion, but there was also a feeling of passion and anger in it, as well as sadness. Yeah, it might have sounded cheesy, but the small pieces of angst, sorrow and anger made the song perfect. It just fit together like a puzzle. I was once more amazed over Jiyong’s song writing skills, and looked up at him. He still looked nervous over my reaction.

“I was right” I just stated simply. “It’s awesome”

Jiyong lightened up in a wide smile. “You think so?”

I chuckled lightly. “Yeah, I do… It’s really good, Ji” I patted the bed, showing him to sit down beside me. And so he did.

“Only some things… Here for an example…”

I started to point some things out, only small things, like synonyms to words and such. He just nodded and agreed, and edited some things by himself too.

“And… I thought your part would be a little bit like this maybe” Ji said and started humming and scribbled some words down, then showed it to me. I hummed and agreed to that too, and then wrote the rest. Jiyong smiled.

“It’s good…”

We continued like this for a while, until we realized that we were still in our pajamas and the clock was around noon. I got up from the bed.

“I’ll just go change and then we can continue”

“Wait! It’s a beautiful day… Can’t we go out shopping or something, hyung?” Jiyong smiled at me. I stopped at the doorway, turning around to look at blonde boy.

Smiling a bit, I answered. “Sure, why not? Can we go shop some Bearbricks then?”

Ji chuckled. “Of course we can, Hyunnie”


So after a short while, we were both dressed and ready. Jiyong wore a pair of skinny, white jeans, a loose yellow t-shirt with colorful patterns on it, and black boots. I wore some normal blue jeans, not to skinny, nor to big, a black shirt and a jacket over that, which was in a slightly darker blue then the jeans. We told Taeyang, Daesung and the maknae where we were going and then went off.

Though we both wore sunglasses and hats we sent nervous glances around us as we walked down the street. It was crowded as always, but we the chance to be recognized still existed. And actually, Jiyong kind of… Stood out a bit in his clothing, so if a fangirl – or a fanboy – saw us, they’d recognize us.

After a while, we reached our first destination – a fashion store. Jiyong dragged me inside and started to look for clothes.

Then, after another two hours, we went out from the shop carrying shopping bags. We walked for a while until we reached the Bearbricks shop. I hurried inside and started looking at the cute toys.

“Aigoo, Jiyong-ah! This one is so cute, right?”

Jiyong chuckled. “Sure hyung…”

“I’ll buy it! And this! And that one over there!”

“Fine, but you’ll have you carry the bags by yourself”

We paid – or well, I paid – for the toys, and then we continued our walk. On our way toward the river we bought some ice-cream, and as we sat down on a bench by the banks of the river we took turns feeding each other with small bites – making my heart flutter of course. No one had recognized us so far, and Ji got risky – he took off his glasses.

“You shouldn’t do that, Ji…” I said as he put them away. He just smiled.

“But I want to be able to see the world today” was his simple answer. We got to be alone for a few minutes, before we saw a girl obviously knowing who we were. She stood five or six meters away from us, covering her hand with her mouth, then she seemed to calm herself down and shyly went over to us.

“C-can I get your autographs, please?” She almost whispered, clearly nervous but very happy. I smiled at her and signed the piece of paper she gave to me, writing a kind of cheesy message for her too. Jiyong smiled more widely before also signing. The girl bowed and then rushed off blushing. I turned to the blonde boy beside me.

“Shouldn’t we head back now?”

He looked back at me, still smiling. “Okay… I’m pretty tired anyway”

We stood up and started walking to our apartment. Ji put his glasses back on but it was too late – more and more fans started to follow us, taking pictures with their phones and dialing their friends.

We went into our house after waving to the fans.

As we stood taking off our shoes in the hallway of our dorm, Jiyong suddenly looked up at me, smiling cutely, before embracing me unexpectedly.

“Thank you for today, hyung. I think I kind of… Needed to get out for a bit”

I blushed, but as he had his face buried in my chest, he didn’t notice. I hugged him back.

“No problem Ji… I’ll always be there for you”


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