Idea for new fanfic

Got this new idea for a GTOP fanfic a few days ago, quickly scribbled it down and well here it is!
Inspired by ”Fantastic Baby”


King TOP – Leader of the regim, the bluehaired man with the piercing eyes and deep voice that makes ladies swoon.


Above- Close-Up on TOP, in front of the Capitol.
Below- King TOP.


Commander GD – G-Dragon got hurt in battle and was taken to the Regim’s castle. Noone knows his real name or his reason for starting the revolution four years ago. The leader of the rebels but officially only a commander.



Above- GD when hurt from the battle, as he looks in the story. Looks like this when prisoner.
Below- GD as leader for the rebels, or as ”Commander GD” for those who doesn’t know who he really is.


Daesung is TOP’s personal assistant. Blonde and always wears a blue suit.



Taeyang is a (sexy) bodyguard of TOP and sometimes others when needed. He can also fight on the feild.




Seungri is responsible for economy and money. Kind of a whore though




”You’re a different specie to me”
”Just because I’m a rebel? Would it be different if I was one of your regim puppets?”


”First, before you’re sent back to the dungeons, I would like to speak to you about other things”
”And why is that?”
”You’re a rebel. You’re like a different specie to me”

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[INFO] New blog!

I’ve made a new blog here on wordpress!

As this blog timelessy is an fanfiction-blog, I made a blog about my everyday life too. I want to write about those kinds of stuff too!

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I heard my friend say that she was inspired by me to create a new blog and start writing – I was really touched. I hope more people out there thinks so!

Another friend of mine has made her blog. Please check it out – I promise it’s going to be awesome!

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Question: Requests of stories? I can write whatever (well, almost) whatever you want! Just leave me a comment, and I’ll do my best to fulfill your wish!

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[UPDATE] New assignment!

I’ve decided to turn this compleatly into a fan-fiction blog! I hope you don’t mind!

From now, I’ll only publish
Fan-fictions [Both Swedish and English ones]
Maybe some poems or other short works of text
Updates like this

Important! Almost all of these updates will be on ENGLISH from now on! Again, hope you don’t mind this change!

For the comfort of my swedish readers (if I now have any) I’ll make this one in Swedish too!

Jag har beslutat att göra den här bloggen helt till en fan-fiction blogg! Hoppas att det går bra!

Från och med nu kommer jag bara lägga upp
Fan-fictions [Både svenska och engelska]
Möjligtvis några dikter eller andra korta historier
Viktiga uppdateringar som den här

Viktigt! Nästan alla av de här uppdateringarna kommer att vara på ENGELSKA från och med nu! Igen, hoppas det går bra!